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Solar panels are what people in this era are actually using so that they can generate electricity which can then be used in a number of ways. There are a lot of uses of solar panels though and some of them are also discussed in this article as a matter of fact. Starting with the production of electricity. The solar panels help in generating electricity on either a domestic area or the industrial area as well, that does not really matter. The domestic one is the one where the electricity that is produced is being used for a specific home that you want to provide electricity to. Whereas in the industrial side the right solar power is used to create electricity for huge masses, and caters to a whole lot of more area when compared to that of the domestic area then. 

Solar panel has another advantage and that is of being as convenient as being a portable power supply, that means that if you are out, or you are planning to go on a picnic or a camp for that matter. And you are worried as to how you would be able to charge your phone or have any appliance work there without the existence of electricity there. Then your answer would be a solar charger that would store the solar energy in itself until you plug a phone into it and then and there it would start charging the phone altogether itself, so we can say that solar panels can be really used as a form of portable power supply as well.

Another reason why solar panels are used by people all over the world is because of the fact that these solar panels help in the heating of water, this means that there is a device that is known as the hot water solar panels Newcastle and that is used in many domestic settings that means that in houses when there is the demand of hot water and there is none available thee devices can come in handy and can turn the water hot with the help of the sun directly then. There are often backup heaters that are used at night when there is no sunlight but the hot water is still in demand even then.Lighting can be provided with the help of solar power and solar panels, this is when for example some bulbs are located in the garden whose battery or we can say the internal battery gets charged whenever the sun is out that is when it is day time and during the night, all the stored energy is used to keep the bulb on during the whole night for that matter then.