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After going through a difficult divorce we know that many of you don’t want to deal with your spouse. But if you have children you would have to deal with your spouse whether you like it or not. Furthermore, you would have to deal with them immediately after the divorce. That is because it is then you would be figuring out the custody arrangement. At this stage, we know that even the most easy-going spouses tend to fight each other. That is because their relationship with their child lies in the balance. Go here for more information about conveyancing civic. 

Keep The Children Out Of It

There are some Divorce lawyers Forde who would advise you to use your child in court. That is because they would ask you to use the child as witnesses. But this is something that we would never advise you to do. That is because a child should never be asked to pick between parents. Furthermore, they should also not see you vilifying their parents. Therefore no matter how vicious this custody battle gets make sure to keep the children out of it.Many family law solicitors would keep the child out of it even outside the courts. That is because some parents attempt to win their child’s love by painting the other parent badly. This is something that can affect the child in the years to come. Therefore no matter what you should avoid taking such steps.

Try Mediation

It is always important for you to appreciate our court system. That is because it doesn’t always encourage you to go to courts. This especially true with regards to family law cases. Instead, it would encourage you to first try your hands at mediation. This is something that you need to do when it comes to custody cases. We know that both the parents are thinking about the welfare of their children. Thus, while keeping this fact in mind they should give mediation a go. Furthermore, they should enter this process with an open mind. You should also be prepared to talk to each other honestly and openly. That is because this is the only way you can successfully get through mediation. Custody battles tend to be one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce. Therefore we understand that it can take a lot out of you to go through this process. However, don’t think that these battles are going to bowl you over. That is because if you follow the above tips you can successfully get through this difficult chapter in your life.