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Transporting drugs which are prohibited, is a federal offence in any country. Even if the quantities are very small of drug importation you still can get charged with trying to import drugs. And this case usually ends up in the Supreme Court. Depending on the amount of imported drugs, importation charges are divided into three categories. Charges will depend on whether you are accused of importing any quantity, marketable quantity or a commercial quantity.

What are drug possession charges?

Certain drugs including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and many more are restricted at both federal and state levels. These restrictions includes manufacturing, cultivation, trafficking, distribution and possession. Anyone who is found guilty can be facing serious life altering penalties under drug charges in Sydney. Some penalties could include jail time, community service, fines, probation or even a permanent criminal record. But all this could differ according to the country and laws.

Who should you hire?

If you are charged with a drug related issue, it is difficult to get rid of the case. With any such case, it is extremely important to consult an experience lawyer. Every lawyer cannot handle your case. You need to hire drug importation lawyers to handle the case. These lawyers should be able to prove that you are innocent or plead deals to lower the penalties. This depends on how talented your lawyer is and the evidence they collect.

Benefits of hiring a drug crimes lawyer

Charges with drugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. Hiring a professional in this field will gain you many advantages. One main benefit of hiring an experienced lawyer is that they are able to warn you regarding any upcoming problems that you might face down the line in the case. They will further work with you to deal with these issues ahead of time. Lawyers from Powerhouse Law Australia always try to protect your rights throughout the process therefore, you are usually not at a disadvantage. Lawyers can discuss further with the legal community regarding your charges because they are more likely to have history with such cases. Furthermore, in case if you get a penalty of jail time, the lawyer will ensure that your family is not harmed during the process. They will give you advice on how to behave in a way that will benefit you to reduce your sentence. Having a good lawyer by your side is extremely important. In general it is better to understand more about how drug abuse and possession charges can affect your life and how you can defeat them the right way.