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timber windows

The windows are one of the most important components for every building. Hardly there will be any building without windows. Not only windows help to provide maximum daylight and help in ventilation. But also, it helps to enhance the aesthetics of the building. The wooden windows have been in used in centuries before the advent of steel or PVC windows. Because it was easy to make timber windows and wood was easily available. Even now, the wooden windows are the popular choice and if you want to give natural look to the facade of your building then it is perfect for the same. There are many reasons that people still prefer timber woods like

  • The timber windows can be made with various types of wood. Each wood has its distinctive characteristics like colour, texture and other characteristics. This gives the flexibility of choosing the wood as per their choice and design of their building. Any other material like metal and PVC does not provide this variety. Even the timber windows can be painted in the colour of your choice, so it comes very handily when you will be changing the colour of your building, by only changing the paint of the windows.
  • The timber windows are durable. Other materials like metals are also susceptible to rust but wood is prevented from it. The timber windows can last for decades, but it does require constant maintenance. But the rate of maintenance is minimal but that helps to last your windows for decades. The high-quality woods are also resistant to wear and tear. 
  • Nothing matches the appearance of timber windows. They give the elegant and profound distinction to your property. The timber windows are very catchy to the eyes and uplift the façade of the building. The first-time installation of timber windows is a bit expensive because of the high cost of material and expert craftsmanship. But this high investment will be paid off as it increases the value of the property and enhances the appearance.
  • Wood is the natural insulator of the heat. By installing timber windows, the temperature of your room remains mild. It helps to reduce the heat influx in your house. It means by installing timber windows you can lower the temperature of your house.
  • Timber windows are more environmentally friendly than other materials like PVC. Because the Cos emission of timber bifold doors in melbourne windows are far lower than PVC windows. Also, the PVC windows consume eight times more energy to build as compare to wooden windows. Yes, one argument can say that it will result in wood cutting but properly controlled, then the rate of wood cutting will be less than the rate of the plantation. The negative effect of industrialisation is also damaging the forest, that can be reduced to replace industrial material with natural resources. This will reduce the rate of pollution.