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IT stands for information technology, usually IT is a very broad term and it does not just involve the computers but it involves all the things which make use of processor and memory. Usually many different business department apart from pure IT offices have IT support sector in their office and the job of the people working in this department is to maintain and solve the issues that could arise related to the IT devices and it could be on various different level which may be an individual level, company level or group level.

IT support people provide the managed IT services and it is not difficult to learn about these services. Now a days there are many courses and diplomas where you could learn to provide the IT support and once you have completed these then you can get a job in the IT sector of any department. You also require IT support whenever you buy a new computer and laptop. If you yourself is just a layman and does not have much knowledge about the computers and its working and if you face any issue during the normal working of the computer then you could go to the IT support to resolve this issue. There are proper companies whose sole purpose is to provide the IT support to the people and they earn and charge the fee according to the issue that has been raised. Apart from giving out the IT support the company itself needs it because in this era everything is on computer and digital and for the smooth operation of nearly everything you need computers.

Usually if you get a job in a company then your task is either to constantly monitor their own installed system so that you could catch a issue whenever it starts to slow down or disturb the normal processing of the system or your other task is to sit on the desk and entertain the requests and issues reported by other people working in the company. The types of tasks that the IT support could include vary from place to place and system to system. Some tasks are maybe only related to the software whereas in some other cases you may need to work on the hardware and the network configurations as well. But there could be simpler issues such as someone has trouble remembering their password and things related to this.