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When you look at a labour hire company or a labour recruitment company, you might feel that they do the same job. However, if you examine the roles of each of the organisation you will realise that there is a differences between the two as well. They are however, in the same link of business but they provide labour support in different ways but there is a fundamental difference between the two. Understanding the difference will ensure that you will work with the company that will meet your needs. In order to understand the differences better between recruitment and a labour hire companies Sydney, this article helps to break them down and help you understand comprehensively which will benefits your business and suit the labour needs. 

Recruitment companies

These organisations are pretty much a matchmaking organisations that will match employees and employers. The Human Resource part of the job will be taken over by the employer to ensure that the necessary qualifications, experiences and the skills that is required for the needs of the business and the available role. Once the candidate goes through the interview and is accepted by the organisation, the employee will be an employee. The benefits of the recruitment company are that it saves both money and time, it is convenience for the employee and the process of recruitment is vigorous.

Labour hire firms

Yes, labour hire firms are similar to recruitment companies where they help link individuals looking for labourer jobs and for those companies that are looking for labour. However, the labour hire organisation will go further than a recruitment company and do the human resource and administrative side of things as well, which means that the employer does not have to worry about any human resource related. However, once the employee joins the organisation he will be on a contract basis. The individual can be made permanent given that the employer decides to make the employee a permanent employee. Using a labour hire firm will ensure that the recruitment costs are reduces, there is less time being invested for the recruitment process, the expertise and the skilled individuals will be selected, there is flexibility to adjust the workforce number, giving the employees a test run, emergency cover for those employees who get risk, the recruitment process will be robust, bulk recruitment can be done quickly and there is many more advantages. Based on your firm and the requirement then you will need to decide which outlet is best for you and how much you are willing to spend for the recruitment process.