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Fabric is one of the important parts in our lives and we are surrounded by all kinds of the fabrics which are of different uses. From dresses to bedsheets to curtains to handbags and other things, there is use of fabric. But to buy the right fabric for each of these is not an easy task. There are now number of famous fabrics produced in the Australia such as the Australiana quilting fabric, Amanda murphy fabric and many others. But before you could make a choice, it is important that you learn a little about the fabrics. In Australia specifically, the fabric is categorized into three categories, one is the fabric which is either produced by the animals or plants and then there are knitted and woven fabrics.

The difference about these fabrics:

The seamstress and the various dress designers will tell you that how choosing the Australiana fabric will make a difference on the fit and the fall of the dress. Because as you might know the texture of the knitted fabric is stretchable and therefore, it will stretch itself as someone will wear it but on the other hand the woven fabric is not. This is how the texture of the fabric affects the size of the dresses.

The various materials available:

Some of the materials which are available include the cotton which are used in the creation of various shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans, and even handbags. There are different textures in cottons knowns the weights which tells that one cotton is lighter than the others. These are easy to buy as these are available almost everywhere and these are quite cheap as well.

Second material is the cotton jersey in which the fabric is knitted using the thread of the cottons that are very fine. This particular kind of the cotton material is popular in the manufacturing of the sweatshirts, jerseys and other kind of t shirts. This stuff is supposed to be soft and stretchable and therefore, while having this for your dress, make sure that it has these properties.

Then there is linen which also like the cotton comes in various weights. The reason why many Australian prefers this kind of the fabric because the summer season is quite long in Australia and this stuff is breathable but this is difficult to work with and sew compared to other types and requires some expertise. Silk and wool are also popular in the Australia, where silk is the slippery stuff commonly used in the skirts, trousers and sleepwear the wool is used in the coats, sweaters and suits.