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If you’re running a catering business then you must come across a situation where you will be needing catering equipment for rental.  For any catering company, the equipment is the bottleneck when it’s come to investment because it is expensive and it also required regular maintenance.  Plus, it seems to be an extravagant expense because no catering company will be busy every day of the year and cannot be sure how much their investment will be paid off in terms of equipment. this is the primary reason that catering company depends on equipment rental companies for their catering equipment.  Nowadays it is not difficult to find such companies because you can easily search for them online.  But still, not every equipment rental company can serve your need.  Here are a few tips that might be helpful for you as a catering company owner to find the equipment rental company that will be suitable for your needs.

  1. Research: If you have a catering company in Melbourne, it is very easy for you to do your research on equipment rental companies.  First of all, you can just find these companies online and shortlist their profiles. They will be mentioning their recruitment and the rental cost on their profiles but it is better that after shortlisting the profiles you must physically visit those companies.  That will give you a better idea about the condition of the equipment they possess in their inventory.  For instance, you were looking for a combi oven hire, once you have physically seen the combi oven from all these companies.  You will be in a better position for oven hire from a company that has the omens in their best condition.
  2. Price comparison:  We want to get a combi oven on hire and five companies offering the same.  Always compare their prices and also include the logistic cost because sometimes the oven is not in the city where you need it and the logistic cost may be higher to move it from its last place.  The cost comparison is very important and also ensures that if you are looking for an oven hire then the oven for rental offered by all the companies should be of the same specs or capacity.
  3. Insurance: You may easily get a combi oven or oven on hire but it is important that you should also look into the insurance options.  You are hiring equipment from another company and you may be placing it in another city for your event.  There can be a chance first of any unfortunate incident that might damage this equipment.  This equipment is costly and you must transfer your liability to the insurance company.  Many equipment rental companies are offering insurance with their equipment. Also, include insurance whenever you are looking for a proposal for rental equipment.